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Michele Faragalli is a swiss-italian musician. As a guitarist and a composer, he mainly leads two projects, MF4tet (jazz-fusion) and Primo Tempo (modern tango).

Next concert

26.04.2024, Primo Tempo

Literaturcafé, Biel(BE)


Primo Tempo has the great joy to welcome the talented singer Lisette Spinnler. We look forward to present our new and audacious repertoire!


Upcoming concerts

26.04.2024, Primo Tempo
Literaturcafé, Biel(BE)

Charratmuse, Charrat

11.05.2024, Duo avec Sébastien Pittet
Galerie La Chaumière, Montricher (VD)

Charratmuse, Charrat

25.05.2024, Primo Tempo
Cave Ph. Bauermeister, Neuchâtel (NE)

Charratmuse, Charrat

31.08.2024, Primo Tempo
La Grange de Nane, La Chaux (VD)
14.09.2024, Primo Tempo
Music Art Palace, Dombresson (NE)
28.09.2024, Primo Tempo
KVO, Corcelles-Cormondrèche (NE)



This promising quartet explores a repertoire where modern jazz dialogues with rock and middle-eastern music.

The music of the MF4tet is intimate and aerial, sometimes explosive, and often takes unforeseen paths.

MF4tet will release a new album in 2023 under the jazz label Altrisuoni and will be touring in Switzerland and Europa to promote it.

Michele Faragalli (electric guitar)
Jonathan Salvi (vibraphone)

Sébastien Pittet (bass)

Josua Beureux (drums)


Primo Tempo

Contemporary smooth jazz

Primo Tempo is a group whose compositions are inspired by jazz, classical and experimental musics, while borrowing their aesthetics from many other musical genres.

Michele Faragalli (classical guitar)

Lisette Spinnler (voice)

Laura Chihaia (piano)

Sébastien Pittet (bass)


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